Paul Valent

Paul Valent

Consultant liaison psychiatrist, psychotherapist, traumatologist,
Co-founder and past president Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,

Clinical Observations of Causers and Victims of Motor Vehicle Incidents: Brief Report

Motor vehicle incidents (MVI’ s) cause more death and injury than wars, acts of terrorism, and disasters put together. Their major cause is ‘human error’. The posttraumatic effects on victims of such errors have been well researched, but causers of such errors have not. The hypotheses of this study were that victims and causers of MVI’s could be clinically distinguished, and that such distinctions might be useful in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of MVI’s. The results indicated two victim and two causer categories. The victim group contained Post traumatic Stress and Vulnerable sub groups. The causer group contained Antisocial and Process ‘Neurotic’ sub groups. Examples are provided of each subgroup. Clinical distinctions between victims and causer groups and subgroups can help to understand the variety of post – MVI ‘comorbid’ symptoms, and help to achieve more sophisticated approaches to MVI diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
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