Paul Valent

Paul Valent

Consultant liaison psychiatrist, psychotherapist, traumatologist,
Co-founder and past president Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,

What principles? (Unpublished)

In the wake of the September the 11th events there has been an amazing realignment of friends, foes, and principles. Osama bin Laden whom the US had earlier supported against the Russians became enemy number one, and the Russians who used to be enemy number one have become allies against bin Laden. Condemnation of Russia on the principle that it used state terrorism in Chechnya became irrelevant overnight. Up to the 10th of September, the US condemned on principle Israel targeting the organizers of terrorism. Suddenly it became national policy to get bin Laden dead or alive. Yet the principle as applied to Israel remained the same in the US view, as it curried Arab support. Principles waver according to current perceived survival needs.
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