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Paul Valent

Consultant liaison psychiatrist, psychotherapist, traumatologist,
Co-founder and past president Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,

Right brain

Right and left brain functioning. (Workshop Series, Seminar 6)

This seminar examines the differences between the functions of the right and the left hemispheres of the brain.

The right hemisphere is particularly important in traumatic stress. It contains what is dissociated in trauma. The nature of dissociation, defences, and traumatic memories are examined.
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Trauma, right brain, and psychotherapy. Presentation to Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry Section of Psychotherapy Canberra

This paper looks at trauma, right and left brain functioning, and principles of psychotherapy. Though each developed separately, together they provide a coherent view of traumatic distortions of the mind and their healing.
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Have the universe and trauma a right brain language? World conference International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

This paper introduces similarities between non-linear physics, features of traumatic stress, and the right hemisphere of the brain.
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The Right Brain As a Substrate for Reforging Psychoanalytic and Trauma Therapies

We all have some idea about the right and left brains having different functions. The left brain deals with verbal logical matters, the right with emotional ones. But if we look in more detail at the different hemispheric functions, we realise as the eminent neurologist Rhawn Joseph said, we live simultaneously in two separate complex mental worlds. The right and left brains exist, literally side by side using unique strategies for perceiving, processing, and expressing information. Further, these separate mental worlds may know little about each other.

This paper looks at dissociated right and left hemispheric functioning through a clinical example of a patient who had been sexually abused as a child.

Similarities between psychoanalytic therapy and reintegration of  hemispheric splits provides hope for a neurological explanation of both trauma and psychoanalytic therapies.
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Body, Mind, and Soul Staff Education Centre Jewish Care Melbourne

Up-down spirituality assumes a God-given world with established morality and meaning. Down-up science shows evolution of different levels of morality and spirituality whose content is determined by specific survival strategies. The mystery of this process is enhanced by it developing in the mentally invisible right hemisphere of the brain.
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The meaning of meaning (Unpublished)

Meaning is more important than life itself, as people may sacrifice their lives for a meaningful cause. Trauma disrupts meanings. To make life worth living again, meaning must be restored. It is important to understand the nature of meaning if we are to help to restore it. Survival strategies (see Table) provide a framework through which we can understand immediate and long term categories of positive and negative meanings.

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How is and how will the Holocaust be Remembered? Holocaust Aftermath Conference Monash University

How are The Inquisition, World War One remembered? Holocaust survivors themselves find true remembrance difficult, and subsequent generations more so in different ways. And yet the Holocaust is the best documented genocide in history. Different ways of remembering traumas in different parts of the brain are noted. Different ways history is remembered is explored. Survivors can bequeath only so much. Perpetrators, whose memories are even more hidden, must supply many of the answers that we ask survivor memories to solve.
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Tribal Hostility

Tribal mentality, adaptive in our early evolutionary environment, lies latent in the circuitry of our subconscious baggage. It can be perversely tapped, fanned, and exploited by people ambitious for power. It thrives on myths of common ancestry, god-given missions, sacrifice and rewards in another life. It blurs part and whole, life and death, symbolic and real. It is visceral, emotional, and relies on right brain thinking. Hostility is total and universal.

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Present company. Herald Sun Op-Ed. p 19

Pleasures and problems of giving.
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