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Paul Valent

Consultant liaison psychiatrist, psychotherapist, traumatologist,
Co-founder and past president Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,

Second Generation; Transgenerational Transmission

Ripples of the Holocaust. Talk at Jewish Museum, Melbourne

This paper examines long term consequences of the Holocaust on survivors, child survivors, and second and third generations of Holocaust survivors. It examines the communications and conflicts between the generations, and finally the common story they all share.
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Passing on the Pain. Australian Jewish News. Opinion/Analysis p 26

Studies on second and third generation Holocaust survivors come to different conclusions. It depends on how one searches for them. Important trauma transmissions do not show up on statistical analyses.
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Case presentation of generational transmission. Talk to Holocaust survivor therapists

A case history demonstrates how concretisation, transposition, conspiracy of silence, and other dynamics impact on second generation Holocaust survivors. One should not be complacent about their often normal outward appearance.
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Transgenerational transmission of grief using the Holocaust as an example. National Association for Loss And Grief Conference

Some Holocaust losses were too much to grieve. It might be up to the next generation to do so. But this may be especially difficult, as the original traumas may need to be retrieved from unconscious inheritance of traumatic events, a conspiracy of silence, and unmentioned parental traumas. A clinical case is presented where these obstacles are overcome.
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Interrupting Transgenerational Violence CD (Film) From Survival to Fulfilment; Trauma and Fulfilment Therapy.

This film demonstrates visulally the wholist perspective. Wholist includes holistic (biopsychosocial) and ‘whole’. The perspective includes survival strategies and their radiations across three dimensions within a triaxial framework. How the wholist perspective is clinically useful is illustrated by a case of interruption of violence and sexual abuse across the generations.

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Interrupting Transgenerational Violence; Treatment of a Victim of Domestic Violence. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Conference Washington

Domestic violence is often transmitted across the generations. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the pervasive effects of domestic violence across the generations. A film demonstrates the clinical case of a woman and her family. How transgenerational transmission of trauma can be interrupted is discussed.
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Healing transgenerational trauma. Introduction. Presentations Limmud Oz, Transgenerational Trauma Conference

A mother is frozen in non-mourning for her dead family. She looks at her child with unshed tears and does not see her child. This induces a sense of non-existence and depression in the child. Illustrations and means of transmission of trauma across the generations are presented. Such transmission may be interrupted. It is never too late for love to thaw out trauma.
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