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Attachment, Protected & Provided

A new synthetic framework; the wholist perspective

This paper (also available on Cogprints ) summarises the wholist perspective. It explains the triaxial framework and talks to the survival strategies table. It serves as a complement to the film The Wholist Perspective Film .

The paper explains the need for a framework that can explain the very wide range of consequences of severe stress and trauma (traumatic stress) and their radiations from instincts to spiritual dimensions, as well as across time and generations and over ever larger groups (family, community).

The perspective described in this paper fills the need described. In addition, it provides a framework for fulfilling opposites of stresses traumatic consequences.

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Attachment and adaptation symptoms and illnesses. Talk to Grief Volunteers

Overactivity of the survival strategies attachment and adaptation (goal surrender) lead to psychophysiological, psychosomatic, and somatic symptoms and illnesses. Examples are provided.
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Attachment and its Ripples, 3d National Conference on Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation 2006

This paper looks  thoroughly at many aspects of Attachment from animal evolution to the depths of the human soul. It examines  biological, psychological and social aspects of Attachment, and its pains and fulfilments.

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Death and the family. Patient Management 4:11-25

Death in the family is the closest experience to one’s own death. Disruption of a close family bond leads to much heightened morbidity and mortality. Disruption of the Attachment bond, and the biopsychology of loss, grief, and mourning are examined. Each has its pains,stress responses,  defences, and symptoms and illnesses.Each requires understanding in the healing process.

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Eight survival strategies in traumatic stress. Traumatology.2007; 13: 4-14

This paper makes a case for 8 survival strategies: fight, flight, rescue/caretaking, attachment, goal achievement, goal surrender, competition, and cooperation. Their evolution, and biological, psychological and social aspects are described. Their application to traumatic stress is noted.
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From Survival to Fulfilment; A Framework for the Life-Trauma Dialectic. Philadelphia: Brunner/Mazel

In this book, Dr. Valent forges information from many fields of trauma and its concepts into a new, heuristically logical and pragmatic framework. The result is an unprecedented text on traumatology, as well as its opposite fulfillment. For further details press View Book.
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Introduction to survival strategies. Trauma Information pages

This paper introduces the concept of Survival Strategies. Survival Strategies are drives that facilitate the recognition, naming, and making sense of the varied sequelae of traumatic events.

The wide variety of fluctuating and often contradictory traumatic stress and fulfilment responses are different survival strategy manifestations at different points of their radiations . Their sense can be decoded by tracing them back along their axes to their  original contexts.

Survival strategies provide understanding of what was relived and avoided and why in PTSD and in comorbid illnesses following trauma.
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Survival Strategies and the Wholist Perspective. (Workshop Series, Seminar 6)

This seminar describes the adaptive and maladaptive biological, psychological, and social aspects of the eight survival strategies. It emphasises the pain related to their traumatic consequences, including the pain of numbing.
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Survival Strategies in Trauma (Trauma survival strategies ): Encyclopedia of Trauma

One of the great puzzles of traumatology has been how to understand the great variety of post-traumatic symptoms and illnesses. PTSD caters only for relived fight and flight reverberations of trauma. Survival strategies provide a framework for the wide symphony of post-traumatic phenomena.
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Recommended Reading: Survival Strategy Table

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Trauma and Fulfillment Therapy; The Wholist Framework. Philadelphia: Brunner/Mazel

This book follows logically from Survival to Fulfillment, in its practical applicability to diagnose and repair tears in the human fabric. Dr. Valent reviews the variety of treatments applied over the last century, from Freud and Janet to the current use of drugs, debriefing, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy. Using his wholist perspective, Dr Valent puts them in perspective,  finds their common ingredients, and develops basic principles of trauma therapy.

Through 40 clinical cases, Dr Valent describes the techniques and efficacy of trauma therapy in various phases of trauma- from the time of its occurrence to its pervasiveness of the person years later.
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